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        History and Story

„Especially the diligence of family generations is most meaningful for the urban city culture of Old-Germany“ - Prof. Dr. Herrmann Rühle

The foundation stone

Steinerne Chronik.JPG

Only two owner generations built and embellished in 500 years this unique and lovely burgeois house. It was built as a guild hall in 1523 by the draper's guild, Saxony's proudest guild. Since 1873 further Vincenz-generations created an example of "hard work and glee", still to this day. The house is listed under urban heritage protection.

The founder of the restaurant 

The forebear of the Vincenz-Familie was born in 1785. His son, Vincenz Richter I., was the first patron of  "Zur Krone". Vincenz II. bought 1873 the draper's guild hall in Meissen and started the collection of antiques and curiosities.

Vincenz Richter III. founded the winery in 1921 and expanded the estate in celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Meißen.


The savior of „Vincenz“

Vinzenc Richter_1972.jpg

Vincenz Anton Richter IV. continued proceedings under the extreme circumstances of the socialistic expropriation. In 1954, he bought the vineyard "Löwenstein" in Meißen Spaargebirge. Helga Herrlich, née Richter, ran the business since 1988, still before the reunification of West and East Germany. She initiate a complex reconstruction and established a new culture of exquisite delights.

Stay one day longer in Meißen and visit the 6th generation "Vincenz Richter"

Nach der deutschen Einheit 1990 war es möglich, dass die weiteren Generationen Vincenz Richter das Vermächtnis "Gastgeber" zu sein, verwirklichen.

Weingut Vincenz Richter

Vincenz Thomas Herrlich resumed the families winery business. After Germany was reunified, he began buying additional vineyards continuously and expanded existing vineyards and cellar facilites. In 1999, he bought the property below the Kapitelberg and the historical half-timber house of 1617. Here in the newly built Vinothek, you can have a tasting or seek wine advice.


Kapitelholzsteig 1, 01662 Meißen    •   •   03521 73 16 06

Meißner Burgstuben

Ulrike Herrlich bought the Vikarienhaus in 1995 und founded the "Meißner Burgstuben" as a guesthouse and coffeeplace right in front of the gates of the Meißen castle hill. Saxon cuisine, cakes and wine can be enjoyed on the quaint summer terrace with a fantastic view over the historic city.


Freiheit 3, 01662 Meißen   •   •   03521 45 36 85  

Tagesfreuden in den Gassen,

Abendfreude ist der Wein,

Träume selig: "Schönes Meißen!",

schlafe dabei glücklich ein.

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